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Online Training Hacks That Elevate Your Brokerage

 As a broker, you have the responsibility to provide training and content to your agents. This can be a daunting task, especially when you are not sure where to start. Fortunately, there are several solutions available that can help you get the job done quickly and easily. Let’s take a look at four ways that you can train your agents efficiently and effectively.

The Locker Room Solution

One option for training your agents is through The Locker Room. They offer weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual courses tailored specifically to brokers and agents alike. Their courses cover everything from basic real estate knowledge to advanced marketing strategies. With this solution, you not only get quality content but also access to exclusive webinars taught by some of the top names in the industry.


Create Your Own Private YouTube Channel

Another great solution is creating your own private YouTube channel to house all of your trainings. This allows you to store all of your content in one place while still keeping it secure from prying eyes. You will also be able to customize the videos with branding, logos, and other personalized elements that will ensure that each video looks professional and on-brand for your company.


Utilize an LMS (Learning Management System)

A third way that you can easily train your agents is with a Learning Management System (LMS). An LMS allows you to create custom courses tailored specifically for each agent or group of agents who need it most. You can upload videos, documents, quizzes, presentations – anything! – into this system so that all agents have access to the same information regardless of their location or time zone. This ensures consistent quality across all trainings while still allowing each agent flexibility in when they complete them.


Suite University

Finally we come to Suite University – a learning management system we have developed right here at Suite Assist! We understand how hard it is as a broker owner trying to provide quality training while managing a busy work schedule; so we designed this platform with just that in mind! With our suite university platform you can assign content directly to each agent as needed – no more worrying about if everyone has seen it or not! Plus our platform includes additional features such as certificates upon completion for added recognition of accomplishments!


Training your agents does not have to be difficult or time consuming when armed with the right solutions! From The Lockeroom’s subscription based service – perfect for those looking for options without having full control -to creating your own private Youtube channel or utilizing an LMS – perfect for those who want full customization- there are plenty of options out there tailored just for brokers! And finally don’t forget about Suite Assist’s very own Suite University -perfectly tailored towards giving brokers complete control over their training materials without sacrificing an ounce of convenience! So don’t wait any longer – start providing quality content and training today!


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