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The Top Things Agents Look For In A Brokerage

Do you know the top things agents look for when deciding to switch brokerages and work for a new company? In this video, I’m going to share the handful of things that agents truly care about when searching for a new brokerage. I’ll explain how you can make recruiting easier than ever if you break these things down and implement them into your business.

Profitability And Production

The first and most important thing in every agent’s decision-making process is production and profitability. How can you, as a brokerage, support an agent in increasing production and profitability? It’s important to remember that those two things are not mutually exclusive.

The question becomes this: what are you doing inside of your company to help agents work through all the noise and find ways to increase production, sell more homes, and do more transactions? While the opportunities are endless, are you set up in-house to support them with this critical task of helping them grow their business? It includes assisting them with the confidence, the skill set, and all the systems required to help them do more production.

Of course, it doesn’t just stop at production; it’s also about increasing their profitability. If you’re reading this, you probably already know that Sweet Assist has developed a full marketplace that agents can use to leverage different products. This includes everything from moving services to solar and everything in between. Every time their clients use those services, agents create additional income for themselves as well as for you as a brokerage.


Let’s remember that the easiest way to make more money is to figure out how to make more money on the things that you’re already doing. One of the simplest ways to help them increase production is by giving him a simple click-to-action platform that allows them to stay in front of their database, create conversations, and help them further the development of their brand.

This platform should also include easy click-to-action marketing, fulfillment, mailers, video campaigns, and everything in between. Let’s make it easy for them so that they can take the action we know can help impact their business.

Ongoing Training

The second thing that all agents are looking for when deciding what brokerage to work for is training. What is the training going to be like? Is this the company that can not just give me a place to hang my license, but make me a better and more productive agent? This requires us to ask ourselves some key questions.

What training do you have in place? Are you training once a week or once a month? Or are you doing it as we do at Big Block, where we have training every single day of the week? Or daily training covers everything from sales and marketing to mindset, contracts, and compliance. This also includes bringing in our other vendors and partners that can support our agents—both in and outside of the transaction.

We have to remember that real estate is a team sport. Creating a dream team with the right training, the right vendors, the right systems, and the right support creates an environment that makes it a lot easier for agents to come to you and strive and stay with you.

Company Culture

Number three is culture. This is one of the most important factors for agents in the decision-making process of where they’re going to end up. Why is that? The reality is that not all brokerages are created equal. Most of the services we offer—like a place to hang your license, auditing your files, and supplying you with training—are all pretty standard.

So what can you do to set yourself apart from the competition and create an environment that attracts and draws more agents to you? Most importantly, what can you do to create an environment that causes your existing agents to refer other agents to join your company? The answer is very simple: it’s always culture.

Is your culture something that the agents are proud to be a part of? Is your culture contagious and makes them want to go tell other agents about their experience in your company? This is all-encompassing. It’s not just how fun it is or how cool it is. What does it feel like?

Recognition And Security

Another question to ask yourself is, ‘Are you giving your agents recognition?’ Are you helping them feel important and feel wanted? Are you creating an environment that gives them a sense of security? Security and recognition are at the top of the list for all people when they’re deciding where to go work—and this is not exclusive to just agents.

So let’s go heavy in culture. Let’s go heavy in giving them the feeling of security and also making sure that we’re staying on top of the recognition part of the business. This will ensure they feel empowered, they feel supported, and they feel loved. Believe it or not, split is not the most important thing for agents. Naturally in this environment, we have traditional shops with splits and we have 100% shops with small fees. It really does not matter what your comp plan is. What’s more important is what kind of compensation they are getting outside of the commission check.

Are your agents feeling empowered? Are they taken care of? Do they have the right support system? They should know that the team that is behind them in the brokerage has their back and is willing to do whatever it takes to help them take their business to the next level, enjoy their business more than they are, and ultimately help them see the light of growth and opportunity.

Giving Agents What They Really Want

I hope you enjoyed these few of the highlights of what agents are really looking for. Profitability, support, culture, appreciation, and knowing that they’re a part of a group they can be proud of is the basic foundation of developing a company that’s always attracting agents. It also ensures your company is growing in production, ultimately helping fight churn and agents leaving the team.

So don’t get caught up in what your split is. Rather, ask yourself, ‘Am I providing enough value to make them feel compelled to come and check us out, join us, and stay with us?’ If you want the easy shortcut—an all-in-one solution to help you implement these things easier than you ever have before, make your in-house staff more productive, and make you more profitable in turn—you have to check out Sweet Assist.

Head to to see what we have to offer and how we can make you and your agents’ life easier than it’s ever been before. Make sure to subscribe to the channel for more videos to help your brokerage, and stay tuned for our next episode!

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