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Why Culture Is Everything

Did you know that the number one thing that agents look for in a brokerage is not leads or splits, but culture? In this video, I’m going to explain why we’ve been building one of the fastest-growing brokerages in America for the last 10 years based on one thing: culture. I’ll explain why culture is important and how you can foster it in your own business.

Creating A Culture

The reason why culture is important is that agents want to be able to be themselves, brand themselves, and work in an environment that’s not stuffy and traditional. 

As you all know, everyone’s been stuck at home stuck due to COVID over the last couple of years. With all the different things that have been going on, getting out and experiencing your agents, creating socials, and holding trainings are more important than ever. 

Being a real estate agent can be a very lonely profession. This means that it’s more important now to create a culture or an environment so that they can grow, spread their wings, and thrive—even in a recession. Here are a couple of things that we’ve done over the years to enhance our culture. 

Incentives And Events

One of the things that we’ve provided for our agents is what’s called “Winner’s Circle.” This is for the top 5% producing agents. In our company, we also create two or three events a year that are based around masterminds and having fun. This way, our agents can be around agents that are smarter and doing things even more efficiently than they are, allowing them to grow their business and expand. 

The key to this is not having us in your office. Rather, we go to exotic tropical places where people can get away from the day-to-day business and really be themselves. We use these events to create additional content, marketing, and videos to showcase how we are different and how we’ve created a culture that is second to none. 

The Holiday Party

Another thing that we’ve done is host a huge holiday party that has anywhere from 900 to 1,000 people. What’s kind of cool and different is that we actually give away a Mercedes Benz at the party. How does that work? 

Every agent that they refer over to us gets their name put in a hat. At the end of the holiday party, we pay for Mercedes Benz for the next three years for whoever’s name we pull. Sweet Assist makes a huge deal out of our holiday party, and we have everyone dressed to the T. They’re excited, and we try to get as many people in the entire San Diego area as we can. This party is talked about before and after. 

Socials And Training

The most important thing that we do throughout the year is a social every month. This allows us to get to know our agents and let them get to know us so. That way, we can help increase their production and learn what’s most important to them. 

We found that our socials are super important because agents can go ahead and network and speak to one another. It also helps with recruiting and marketing on the back end, because they’re truly having a good time. Have you been to a social before where they say, “Oh, hey, I’m having a beer, and then I’ve got to leave” because they’re just shaking hands and kissing babies? At most of our socials, we actually have to kick them out because they’re having too good of a time. 

Last but definitely not least is training. I can’t emphasize enough how important training is for your agents. Again, it’s not necessarily important if they show up. The most important thing is to constantly have events, trainings, and things that they can see and watch at their convenience.

Building Your Culture

I hope this gave you an idea of why building a culture for your agents is so important. Start doing some of these things and watch how your culture, recruiting, and the overall perspective of your brokerage change in the industry. 

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