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Why We Give Our Agents Brand Freedom

Is it a good idea for agents to be pushing your brand or should you give them the ability to create their own? In this video, I’m going to explain whether your agents should brand themselves as the brokerage or as individuals. We’ll look at the pros and cons so you and your agents can best promote your business.

Branding The Brokerage

One of the biggest questions that we get all the time from agents is if they have to brand the brokerage or themselves. The truth of the matter is, there is really no right or wrong answer. However, what we’ve found is that when the agent can brand themselves, it’s super important. 

The reason why is that clients are buying the agent and not the brokerage behind them. As a broker-owner, I fully understand that you want your agents to brand your brokerage. However, the truth of the matter is clients are buying the agent, not the brokerage. 

Branding The Agent

For most brokerages, their client is the buyer or seller, and the agent is the middle person in the transaction. But what if you actually looked at it in reverse? What if you put all your effort, energy, and resources into supporting your agent? How much more productive and how much happier would they be? 

At a lot of brokerages, the reason that you don’t let your agents brand themselves is—to be honest—ego. As a broker-owner, who really is your client? The seller, the buyer, or the agent? At our brokerage, we view our agents as the client—and that’s why we give them brand freedom.

So regardless of what your brand is—and again, there’s no right or wrong answer—you may want to consider allowing your agents to brand themselves. If you liked these tips, please visit our website and make sure to sign up for our next monthly webinar. You can also subscribe to the channel so you never miss a new video.


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