• Can I promote my preferred vendors within Sweet Assist?

    Absolutely! We have multiple places you can promote your vendors, including the Marketplace, the News (Intranet) section, and even a vendor-based login.

  • Does Sweet Assist have e-signature?

    Yes we do. Our e-signature ability allows you and your agents to upload, map, template, and send documents to clients.

  • Can I pay my agents through Sweet Assist?

    You sure can! We can provide you with the ability to ACH your agents directly through the system.

  • Can my agents pay me through Sweet Assist?

    They sure can! We’re partnered with Stripe to allow you to collect card payments directly from your agents.

  • Can Sweet Assist sync with QuickBooks?

    Yes! We’re directly integrated with QuickBooks Online.

  • Can I assign training courses to my agents?

    Yes, using our LMS (Learning Management System) section you can assign your own training courses to your agents, including course-based quizzes!

  • Can Sweet Assist automate my commission plans?

    Yes, our commission plans are designed for you to set them and forget them. Have your caps calculate automatically and even set tiers, all on a per-agent and per-side basis.

  • Can I sync my calendar with Sweet Assist's calendar?

    You sure can! We’re currently integrated with Google Calendar to allow you to sync your calendars both ways.

  • Can I manage my clients within Sweet Assist?

    Absolutely! Using our Relationship Manager you can store and manage your clients, including creating your own custom fields and custom contact lists.

  • Can I provide documents to my agents within Sweet Assist?

    Definitely! Using our Office Docs section you can upload and categorize documents that will be available for your agents to view and download at any time.

  • Does Sweet Assist integrate with any other platforms?

    Yes! We’re integrated with Zapier. You can find our Zapier page here.

  • Does Sweet Assist have a file storage limit?

    Not at all. Store as many files as you’d like for as long as you’d like.

  • Does Sweet Assist use or sell my or my agent's data?

    Never. Your transactions, clients, and related data are proprietary to you and will never be shared with a third party.

  • Where is Sweet Assist hosted?

    Sweet Assist is hosted on the west coast by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the gold standard in cloud computing.