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Why Part Of Our Real Estate Recruiting Strategy Is Hosting Training Events

Did you know that as the market has changed, so has what agents want from their brokers? In this video, I’m going to share why it’s super important to start creating training and educational events for your agents. We’ll look at some examples and share some tips to help you give agents exactly what they want.

What Agents Want 

In this ever-changing market, agents are looking for more and more ways to win. In past markets—because there has been so much business—it was harder to get agents to training events. But right now, they’re looking to increase their production in any way that they can. 

Most brokerages are cutting back on expenses and don’t know what to do. However, you should actually be doing the exact opposite. Now is a time to be loud. Think about this: agents that attend training events are looking for something more. 

This includes production, ways to win, how to learn what they can do, and what other agents in the market aren’t doing—which means they actually might be looking for a new broker. What this means is agents are actually putting their hand up and looking for something new and different. They’re primed to be recruited right now, and shifts like this create opportunity—but only if you actually see it. 

Hosting Events

Remember, these don’t have to be large events. These can be small, intimate events held at your broker’s office or your mortgage broker. It’s completely up to you, but it’s extremely important that you’re constantly re-engaging and teaching them new things that are going to benefit them in their business. 

In the last event that we had, we actually had 20 to 25 agents at the event—8 of which were not with our current brokerage. Out of those agents that actually showed up, we set up four different recruiting calls with the potential of those agents joining our brokerage. 

Why It Matters

Here’s why we really did the event: we were able to get testimonials, create content, and post it all over social media. This shows our brokerage in a positive light, regardless of how many agents actually attended. Note that it’s not necessarily how many agents actually come to the event.  

Rather, it’s important that you can actually go ahead and build the culture around this event all the way around. After these trainings, we meet these agents and get to know them, and we have them get to know us. Our agents love to attend these events as well as outside agents, and it’s a perfect excuse to brand ourselves and get out there in the community. 

Help With Sweet Assist

If you want to learn more about how to host these events, this is part of our education for all of our current clientele on the Sweet Assist platform. Sweet Assist is an all-in-one solution that helps you run your brokerage much easier on a day-to-day basis. 

If you’d like to learn more, please reach out and we’ll be happy to help.

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