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The Right Questions To Ask On Your Next Recruiting Appointment

Did you know that the most important thing that you can do to keep your brokerage profitable is recruiting? In this video, I’m going to share how I personally recruited over 1200 agents in the past four years. I’ll explain a few key tips to successfully recruit the right agents for your business.

Get To Know The Agent

If you’re wondering how I recruited 1200 agents in four years, it wasn’t because of this great hair or this beautiful face. Rather, it was because I actually listened to agents. When they came in, I asked them questions about themselves and how we could benefit them. 

Recruiting should never be a pitch fest, where all you do is talk about what your brokerage does for them. It should always be about what they want out of the brokerage. I’m going to walk you through how to ask the right questions at your next recruiting pitch. 

Asking The Right Questions

The first thing that I do when I meet an agent is shake their hand and ask them if they want to go for a tour through the office. Based on the answer, I’ll either take them on a tour of the office or jump right in. We’ll grab a cup of coffee or a glass of water, sit down, and I’ll start to learn about their business. 

What I’ve found is certain people are visual, while others are more communicative. Some just want to talk about what their challenges are. Based on that, I go towards whatever is most important for them. The first thing that I do when I sit down with them is smile and ask them how they’re doing. I really want to understand what their pain points are in the business.

Get To Know Prospective Agents

Here’s the thing: the reason that agents are even looking at another brokerage is that they are frustrated or not happy with something that’s currently going on in the brokerage that they’re with. My number one thing is to find out what that pain point is so I can learn more about it and see how my brokerage can benefit them. 

The presentation is always the same, so I’m never worried about what objections they have or things they’re going to ask me. However, it’s important to make everything about them. After all, everybody wants to talk about themselves. If you just go ahead and talk about your brokerage and how great you are, you will never win for us or for me. 

I want to know about their pain points before I talk about any of the different services that our brokerage has to offer. Honestly, that’s not usually until four or five minutes into the conversation. This is because, again, it’s not about the brokerage—it’s about the agent. 

Lead The Horse To Water

Here’s the absolute most important thing that I learned about recruiting agents. Remember that they are changing jobs, and it’s a big move for them. It’s super important that you understand that they’re going through that stressful situation. 

Of course, I always want to go ahead and get the sale. However, if I answer those questions the right way and lead the horse to water, they will come to the brokerage on their own decision. I’m not selling the agent; what I’m doing is providing them value based on the concerns they have. If they feel like it’s going to be a good fit today, tomorrow, or six months from now, great. 

This makes it a very passive sale. It’s important because they’re in such a highly stressful situation or environment at that point in time that they’re going to make that move when they’re ready to make it. If you press them on it, yes; you might be able to get them to the brokerage at that time. However, they will leave just as quickly as they came.

An Ideal Environment

The most important thing at the end of the day is that an agent can feel comfortable in their environment. You want them to have the ability to grow and be able to network, all while they have a brokerage behind them that’s there to support as much or as little as they need. 

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